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Legislative Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy


American Pistachio Growers’ (APG) strength is the ability to unify hundreds of pistachio growers in order to present one strong voice to both State and Federal Legislatures and other governing bodies.

As the only organization that involves its members in the political process, APG organizes political action committees, brings key legislators to you for direct interaction, keeps you informed, and involves our own members at the highest levels of government. Whether it is on behalf of the pistachio industry alone or as part of a broader agricultural coalition, APG works diligently on your behalf to ensure fair trade, favorable regulations, a reliable water supply, and myriad other issues that you face.

Leadership Development Education

Leadership Development and Education


Opportunity abounds at APG to expand your expertise and develop leadership skills.

Educational seminars, information dissemination to members, and the industry’s only leadership development program, LeadOn, are designed to give you valuable information when you need it.

The entire U.S. pistachio industry benefits when everyone is knowledgeable and involved and APG creates the environment for growth.

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Events and Outreach


Several times a year, APG brings together the pistachio industry from all states for continuing education, networking and inspiration.

The Annual Conference attracts more than 1,000 members and businesses for workshops, trade interaction and motivational speakers.

APG’s Member Luncheon is an opportunity for industry updates and interesting speakers.

APG also brings Regional Outreach Meetings to your community, allowing informational and idea exchanges in a smaller group setting.

International Marketing Communications

International Marketing Communications


APG proactively conducts advertising and public relations activities in prioritized international markets to build demand for your product ahead of supply.

With a watchful eye on the future and the input of our member processors, a promotional plan is in effect with the goal of increasing sales, establishing U.S. product as the consumer and manufacturing preferred origin, and raising awareness of the superior and unique health benefits of American-grown pistachios.

2017 Production Research

Production Research


In partnership with the California Pistachio Research Board, APG has funded pistachio research projects for over ten years.

This program began with a focus on production research but has evolved into four distinct research programs: etomology, horticulture, pathology and education.

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Health and Nutrition Research

Health and Nutrition Research


Scientific evidence shows pistachios have health benefits that should land them on every person’s grocery list.

Only APG currently funds research in multiple countries, targeting the specific health interests of consumers and health professionals in each country.

Working with respected research institutions, the peer-reviewed science is then used as the basis of all APG media outreach and promotion. This approach over time will elevate pistachios as not only a tasty and healthful snack, but an important food that fits in any diet for consumption at any time of the day.

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