Whether you’re a professional, college or high school athlete, or a fitness enthusiast, 


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@ourflipsidelife: Any healthy holiday recipes?

@Az6_ali: What are some good foods that increase your energy or help athletic performance?

@billkeyster0012: Hi Bryan, how do you personally prepare pistachios for your athletes? Are they best pre, post or even intra workout?

@CyberThe'Great': Hello, I watched your first video..! I am also allergic to all types of nuts. Do you have a good diet for someone with allergies like this?

@coffee_cabin: What are the best foods to avoid in the effort to help lose belly fat for men?

@Az6_ali: What are some foods that could help me lose weight and what are some foods that help your stamina?

@alexandradeis: What's the most common request athletes ask you as a nutritionist?

@B.thomas31: After I’ve had my post-workout recovery meal/shake, how soon after that should I eat when trying to put on size?

@katelyn.edmundson77: Would all of the athletes need to have the same meal plan? What if some of the athletes have allergies? How would you alter the meal plan for those athletes?

@abbyelizabeth06: Do you give each player their own meal plan or are most of the player’s meal plans the same?

@tuesdayisreallymonday: How would you compare your teams nutrition to the everyday person?

@alliematoian7: Wassup Bryan, What's the best food to eat before a volleyball game?

@roberthanna001: What nutrition snack would you eat if you were in soccer?

@Ianhall1226: How would you explain the health benefits of Pistachios for athletes?

@TaliaHov001: What is the best recovery meal for after water polo?

@gavin_nelson: How often would you snack on healthy foods? Do they have to be in proportions or during a certain time of the day?

@Ianhall1226: Hey Bryan, what is the best diet for an athlete? I currently coach football and am trying to find a way to find an edge for my players. Thanks.

@kylederksen84: What is the best form of carbohydrates to eat before practice or a game?




It’s football season already! Just because it’s football season doesn’t mean opening the refrigerator and falling back into poor game-day food choices. According to the USDA, 25 percent of our total daily calories comes from snacks, and close to 94 percent of Americans snack on a daily basis! Snacking doesn’t automatically mean “junk food.” Healthy snacking is an opportunity to eat foods that contain healthy calories, help keep blood sugars stable, and curb hunger to prevent overeating.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to have both healthy and easy snacks to munch on. As a dietitian, I look for snacks that provide a balance of healthy carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, while keeping the calories to 150-250. 

Snacking and “grazing” on unhealthy snacks like nachos, fried wings, and desserts, while watching the game, might satisfy our sweet tooth but won’t provide the healthy protein and nutrients that satisfy cravings like a serving of pistachios do. One serving provides 6g of protein, 3g of dietary fiber, and a nice variety of other vitamins and minerals—and contains only 160 calories (lower than any other nut).


The Ultimate Snack for the Ultimate Football Fan


Check out the recipes for pistachio snacks. One of my personal favorite recipes is the Pistachio and Date Energy Bites. These snacks are easy to make, contain a wide range of antioxidants, and are packed with fiber and protein that satisfy hunger and cravings. 

It does not matter if we are a starting NFL linebacker or someone simply trying to choose healthier snacks, incorporating pistachios into our "Sunday snacking" is a great way to get through game days and give our body a game-winning burst of health.