Pistachio Week


A Celebration of the Pistachio Harvest and its bounty of culinary delights

Elbow Room Bar & Grill
Pismo's Coastal Grill
Riley's Brew Pub

The Elbow Room Bar & Grill, Pismo’s, and Riley’s Brew Pub, three popular restaurants from the heart of Pistachio country, competed for the title of the “Best Pistachio Recipes” in cocktail, appetizer, entrée and dessert categories. The winners were chosen by a panel of pistachio growers. And the "Best Pistachio Recipes" are …

Best Cocktail Winner

Pistachio Sour 

By Mixologist, John Palacios, Riley's Brew Pub

Pistachio Sour
Hamachi Sashimi Aguachili with Pistachios

Best Appetizer Winner

Hamachi Sashimi Aguachili with Pistachios

By Executive Chef Eric Rodriguez, Elbow Room Bar & Grill

Best Entrée Winner

Braised Lamb Shank with Bing Cherry Pistachio Farro

By Executive Chef Michael Vernon, Pismo’s Coastal Grill

Braised Lamb Shank with Pistachio Cherry Risotto
Pistachio Fruit Tart

Best Dessert Winner

Pistachio Fruit Tart

By Executive Chef Eric Rodriguez, Elbow Room Bar & Grill