American Pistachio, Basil Granita and Caper Ice Cream

American Pistachio, Basil Granita and Caper Ice Cream



4-6 persons


Fior di latte base 

2 litres of whole milk

900 grams of reduced semi-skimmed milk (from 2 litres) 

0.850 litres of cream 

125 grams of skimmed milk powder

535 grams of sugar

225 grams of glucose

190 grams of dextrose

20 grams of neutral 


Capers ice cream

100 g desalted capers 

500 l fior di latte base 


Basil granita

475 g water 

24g invert sugar 

20 g honey 

120 g sugar

70 g dextrose

300 g lemon juice 

90 g julienned basil


Pistachio Cream 

300 g roasted American pistachios 

250 g mineral water

0.5 g Maldon




Fior di latte base
Combine all ingredients and bring to 82°. 

Capers ice cream
Blend well, pass through a fine sieve and freeze in an ice cream maker. Store at -16°C. 

Basil Granita
Bring the water with all the sugars to 85°C. Allow the mixture to cool, and add the lemon juice and basil. Freeze and grate before serving. 

Pistachio cream
Place all ingredients in the hot mix and blend until reduced to a smooth, creamy consistency.

Serving suggestion 
Place 5 scoops of pistachio cream in a soup plate, add the sanded pistachios, the caper ice cream quenelle and finally the basil granita.

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