Sheltering in Place: Keep Healthy with Pistachios

Now more than ever, people are realizing how vital a role nutrition can play in the way people feel each day, not only physically but mentally. With the COVID-19 shelter in place, most of us have been forced to adapt a new “normal” and it hasn’t been easy.

I believe sheltering in place has prompted people to look at home cooking as a benefit and a joy. Speaking from my own experience, and that of my friends and family across the country, cooking brings us together. Families are sitting down and eating with one another and starting to enjoy the process of fixing a meal instead of looking at cooking as just another daily “task.” I have found a lot of comfort in cooking every day, something that I didn’t always have time to do when I was in my normal work routine.  

One thing that can’t be forgotten, within the shelter at home time, is our proximity to food.  Most of us would bring our food to work. So, once we ate it, it was gone. At home, we have endless opportunities for meals and snacks. Therefore, the composition of our daily meals and snacks are important. I often find that people are hungry all day. It could be because they are expending too much energy, and their body is telling them to eat more.  It could also be that they are lacking a certain nutrient. While at home, try to eat balanced meals (meals that contain a great sources of fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, and carbohydrates).  

Being at home, we sometimes have unusual cravings. One way to combat these cravings is to make sure we get an adequate source of protein. One tasty, ready-to-eat, complete-protein option is pistachios. In my opinion, the greatest thing about pistachios is how versatile they can be. Want some protein with that breakfast smoothie? What about a snack that satiates hunger between meals? Looking for something delicious to help recover from a workout? Eat a serving of roasted pistachios.

We are always searching for the “magic pill” in regard to diet and nutrition. Pistachios are about as close as it comes to that. With 6g of protein per serving and containing all of the 9 essential amino acids, pistachios are perfect for any occasion. As we shelter in place, we need to keep our meal plan on a set schedule, and reach for nutritious foods, like pistachios, to enhance the power of the diet!