American Pistachio Instant Oats

By Chef Grant Crilly

American Pistachio Instant Oats

Your favorite easy breakfast foods just got an upgrade. Just as easy, just as fast but tastier and healthier than ever. Make a big batch and keep them ready for any day of the week.



150g American pistachio kernels (1 ¼ C.)

150g instant rolled oats (1 ½ C.)

50g golden raisins (⅓ C.)

30g brown sugar (3 Tbs. packed)

2g salt (½ tsp.)


Place nuts in food processor and pulse on and off until course meal, about 10 short pulses. Add oats and pulse a few more times to mix.

Airtight jars for up to 8 weeks.

To Cook
Boil 3/4C mix with 1C water for about 1-2 minutes and let cool, serve with more crumbled pistachios!

Add 3/4C mix to smaller jars, then just add 1C boiling water, screw lid back on and let sit for 3 minutes. And enjoy. Or add water and microwave for 1 minutes on high.


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