Banana, Yogurt and Pistachios Smoothie

Banana, Yogurt and Pistachios Smoothie

The benefits for the runner

This smoothie is an ideal snack for muscle recovery after physical activity. The simultaneous presence of a good amount of protein, provided by both pistachios and Greek yogurt, and simple carbohydrates, present in bananas, in fact favors the repair of muscle fibers and the replenishment of the muscle glycogen stores that have been depleted with the practice of physical activity. Both banana and pistachios are also rich in precious salts, such as potassium in particular, which helps restore the water-saline balance that has been altered with the practice of sports, especially if the activity involved profuse sweating. Finally, adding a few mint leaves to the smoothie will help give a greater sensation of freshness, especially useful during the hot season.


150 g of Greek yogurt

30 g of American pistachios

1 banana


Pour the pistachios, keeping some aside, in a blender and blend several times until a kind of flour is obtained. Add the other ingredients and blend again until a creamy consistency is reached. Pour into a glass and sprinkle the remaining pistachios, coarsely chopped with a knife, over the surface.

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