Pistachio Gianduja​​






Yield %


Almonds, blanched

400 g

14 oz

24.24 %


Pistachio, blanched

550 g

1 lb 3 oz

33.33 %


Sugar, powdered

400 g

14 oz

24.24 %


Cocoa, butter

100 g

3.5 oz

6.06 %


Chocolate, white

200 g

7 oz

12.12 %


American Pistachios


halved for decoration


1650 g

3 lbs 10 oz




Prepare a frame 6.5” x 12” with medium bars. Place the pistachios and powder sugar in the robot coupe and grind to a fine, smooth paste. If the mass gets over 90 F in the blender, remove from the blender and cool on a sheet pan lined with baking paper. Grind this paste again if necessary then add the cocoa butter and couverture and blend together. Do not heat this mass over 90 F so it will be tempered and ready to spread, straight out of the bender. Pour this tempered mass into a metal frame on a sheet of baking paper. Refrigerate for 10 min. in 40 F refrigerator then reserve in cooler until ready to cut with a guitar. Dip in dark couverture and decorate with pistachio halves.

This gianduja is too hard, not creamy at all. It is almost brittle. Test adding some pistachio oil, almond butter, butter. Another way to incorporate the tempered couverture consist in placing all the ingredients in a mixing bowl with a paddle. Mix in 1st speed until incorporated.

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