Sports Nutrition Tips for Athletes and Active Consumers

Interested in some professional insider nutrition advice?  Bryan Snyder, Director of Performance Nutrition answered a variety of nutrition-related questions from coaches, athletes and active consumers. Check them out below.

@ourflipsidelife: Any healthy holiday recipes?

@Az6_ali: What are some good foods that increase your energy or help athletic performance?

@billkeyster0012: Hi Bryan, how do you personally prepare pistachios for your athletes? Are they best pre, post or even intra workout?

@CyberThe'Great': Hello, I watched your first video..! I am also allergic to all types of nuts. Do you have a good diet for someone with allergies like this?

@coffee_cabin: What are the best foods to avoid in the effort to help lose belly fat for men?

@Az6_ali: What are some foods that could help me lose weight and what are some foods that help your stamina?

@alexandradeis: What's the most common request athletes ask you as a nutritionist?

@B.thomas31: After I’ve had my post-workout recovery meal/shake, how soon after that should I eat when trying to put on size?

@katelyn.edmundson77: Would all of the athletes need to have the same meal plan? What if some of the athletes have allergies? How would you alter the meal plan for those athletes?

@abbyelizabeth06: Do you give each player their own meal plan or are most of the player’s meal plans the same?

@tuesdayisreallymonday: How would you compare your teams nutrition to the everyday person?

@alliematoian7: Wassup Bryan, What's the best food to eat before a volleyball game?

@roberthanna001: What nutrition snack would you eat if you were in soccer?

@Ianhall1226: How would you explain the health benefits of Pistachios for athletes?

@TaliaHov001: What is the best recovery meal for after water polo?

@gavin_nelson: How often would you snack on healthy foods? Do they have to be in proportions or during a certain time of the day?

@Ianhall1226: Hey Bryan, what is the best diet for an athlete? I currently coach football and am trying to find a way to find an edge for my players. Thanks.

@kylederksen84: What is the best form of carbohydrates to eat before practice or a game?