Academic Summit / Media Event

Zhengzhou, China, June 16
American Pistachio Growers nutrition expert Dr. Ge presented the Clinical Research Progress of Nutrition and the Health Care Effect of Pistachios to over 200 nutrition professionals at the 2019 Academic Summit in Zhengzhou, China. The goal of the 2019 Academic Summit is to establish the grand blueprint of a healthy China.

Academic Summit Media Event

Later that day, American Pistachio Growers also hosted a media event with Dr. Ge and Dr. Xiang Siyun, a nutritionist from Henan Provincial People's Hospital, to present recent research findings about American pistachios and their many nutritional benefits.

Latest News

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

In June, American Pistachio Growers teamed up with select health and fitness influencers who have a large following of health-conscious consumers. Through social media, APG used their influential voices and authenticity to reach a large audience of active consumers regarding the health and fitness benefits of pistachios.