APG Ambassador and LA Rams Team Dietitian Talks Pistachios on KTLA News Segment

In June, APG Nutrition Expert and Head Team Dietitian for the LA Rams, Joey Blake talked about pistachios as a healthy snack that fuels players in an interview on KTLA, a popular television station in Los Angeles, California. Joey explained how important it is for athletes to fuel themselves with nutrient-dense food options like pistachios, which have healthy fats and are a convenient complete protein source. The interview segment aired live in June and was viewed over 3 million times.

Joey Blake on KTLA


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Friday, March 22, 2024
Mexico market media outlets continue to SHARE health and wellbeing content including The Pistachio Academy (Academia Cocina Vital), APG’s digital educational space featuring indulgent and healthy recipes, positioning California Pistachios as an amazing and nutritious snack!