PISTACHIO DUDE seen at the gym in Hamburg on Pistachio Day!

Pistachio Dude visited a busy gym in Hamburg on Pistachio Day to explain the benefits of pistachios to visitors and, of course, left some for them to nibble on. Of course, he also had to use the equipment himself and let off steam. The gym visitors were delighted with the visit and took away important information. See post on Instagram.

Mr Pistachio Man


PRESS EVENT: American Pistachio Dinner Night

Nutrition and Mental Health

For this years press event we organized a pistachio dinner for the journalists from the food segments in Hamburg.

Press Event

Our keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Wiebke Elsner presented studies and facts about nutrients in pistachios, that are considered to be beneficial for a healthy brain and healthy mind. After a short and informative presentation, we served a three course meal that highlighted the versatility of the pistachio. Over 30 journalists attended the press event. Of course, Mr. American Pistachio was also there and was close enough to cuddle. As a giveaway for the journalists, we gave them our latest pistachio spring and Easter recipes to browse through as a recipe book and again as an online catalog. Of course, there were also pistachios and a pistachio Easter package.

Latest News

Friday, March 22, 2024
Mexico market media outlets continue to SHARE health and wellbeing content including The Pistachio Academy (Academia Cocina Vital), APG’s digital educational space featuring indulgent and healthy recipes, positioning California Pistachios as an amazing and nutritious snack!