Men’s Health Collaboration In Italy

American Pistachio Growers collaborated with Men's Health in Italy with a mini-pistachio sports' nutrition guide, "Super Food in A Nutshell," American Pistachios Guide for Sports Nutrition from Men's Health. The guide, featured on Men's Health website, included information regarding the benefits of complete protein in pistachios for active lifestyles, as well as their nutritional values, health benefits, and healthy recipes. It also highlighted the cultivation of American pistachios and the growers' commitment to farming responsibly for a sustainable future.

Men's Health

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020
American Pistachio Growers kicked off the promotion with a Fitness Training collaboration with RENMAJUN FITSTART, a popular sports health club with 13 outlets and 520,000 members in China.
Tuesday, September 1, 2020
In Italy, APG collaborated with their leading health and lifestyle magazines, Vanity Fair and La Cucina Italiana, with advertorials to spread the word that American pistachios are a complete protein.