Nutrition Seminar and Journalist Event in China

Nutrition Seminar

On January 11, APG nutritionist Dr. Sheng Ge, Deputy Director of the Institute of Nutrition and Health Foods, in Shanghai Tongji University Hospital, and Dr. Hongwei Guo, Director General of Shanghai Nutrition Society, collaborated on a presentation given to 120 nutrition professionals. They addressed research findings pointed toward the possibility that pistachios may boost brain power and concentration levels at work. They also cited a French study that showed adding a daily snack of pistachios would not likely cause weight gain, but add important nutrients to one’s diet.


Journalist Event

On January 12, APG hosted a journalist event with Dr. Sheng Ge and popular pastry chef, Ciel, a pastry chef in Michelin-recommended Le Donjon Eretat restaurant and a graduate of Ferrandi, in Paris. Chef Ciel demonstrated how to make two delicious desserts with American pistachios. While the journalists sampled the desserts, Dr. Ge spoke about the many health benefits of American pistachios. Thirty-five journalists, representing leading health, fitness and lifestyle publications attended the event. To date, the event has generated more than 22 million views about American pistachios.





Latest News

Sunday, February 24, 2019
Nearly 8,000 runners received a sample pack of pistachios in their goody bags in Italy’s Napoli Marathon in Naples, February 24 and Germany’s Bramfelder Winter Running Series, January 20 and February 17.
Friday, February 1, 2019
In February, more than 230 Italian journalist students attended a presentation by APG nutrition expert, Dr. Martina Donegani, regarding the research findings that earned pistachios a “Super Food Status.”
Tuesday, January 1, 2019
APG sponsored a journalist event, in January, with APG spokesperson Jan-Ole Hoffmann, and nutrition experts Dr. Ursula Manunzio and Dr. Wiebke Elsner at Munich’s ISPO 2019.