Popular Cooking Show In China Features American Pistachios

One of the most popular food shows in Guangdong Province of China did an entire 20-minute segment about American pistachios as a complete protein, which premiered locally on March 31 and rebroadcasted April 1 across China.

The show featured Ray Chen, Executive Chef of Hyatt Regency, who showcased his pistachio recipes. Chef Ray Chen made a pistachio roll, a pistachio lobster ball, and pistachio paste with a glutinous rice ball while introducing the many health benefits of American pistachios. The show, promoted on WeChat and TikTok, was broadcasted multiple times and viewed over 50 million times.

China Cooling Show

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Monday, February 6, 2023

American Pistachio Growers threw a pistachio party at the Clovis Farmer's Market in September. Chefs from the Institute of Technology created pistachio dishes including pistachio bark, pistachio cookies and pistachio pie for booth visitors to sample. Several local vendors joined the party by sharing their own pistachio treats.