Social Media Influencers Promote American Pistachios As A Healthy, Post-Workout Snack in South Korea

APG collaborated with Men's Health Magazine, one of the most popular fitness and lifestyle magazines in South Korea, for a "Men's Yoga Fever" event in May. Participants were taught about the many health benefits of eating pistachios and were given American pistachios to help recover after their yoga workout. 20 health-driven social media influencers attended and posted about the event. Several event participants shared their experience on their social media, promoting the health benefits of pistachios as a convenient, plant-based, post-workout snack.

Men's Yoga Event in South Korea

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Monday, February 6, 2023

American Pistachio Growers threw a pistachio party at the Clovis Farmer's Market in September. Chefs from the Institute of Technology created pistachio dishes including pistachio bark, pistachio cookies and pistachio pie for booth visitors to sample. Several local vendors joined the party by sharing their own pistachio treats.