FRESNO, Calif., Feb. 19, 2023 -- American Pistachio Growers announced today that world-renowned Chef Martin Yan will join their team as a global brand ambassador. The news comes just ahead of the Pistachio Industry Annual Conference in Carlsbad, California, where Yan is slated to teach more than 1,000 pistachio farmers how to prepare his trademark Kung Pao Chicken with Pistachios themselves. 

Martin Yan Cooking


With a career spanning over four decades, Chef Yan has traveled around the world, sharing the best of Chinese and American culture, food, and tips for personal enrichment with multiple generations of audiences. Chef Yan brings diverse culinary expertise and award-winning experiences that span several continents. His grand vision is shaped from experiences working on over 3,500 culinary and travel TV shows, 32 cookbooks, and several restaurants in North America and Asia. Today, Chef Yan is one of the most recognizable Chinese American icons in mass media. He is a tireless promoter of many social causes and cross-cultural exchanges between Asia and North America. He has been named culinary ambassador for the cities of Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, China. For his efforts, Chef Yan has been awarded multiple James Beard Awards throughout his career, including the prestigious lifetime achievement award in 2022. 

"Singing the praise of American-grown pistachios comes to me naturally. Their rich taste, texture, nutritional value, and beautiful pistachio-green color make pistachios the perfect ingredient for any global cuisine, and certainly in my Asian dishes,” said Chef Martin Yan. “I’m looking forward to showing all our growers—and food lovers around the world—that they can cook like Yan with American pistachios!” 

“Through our various international media events, Chef Yan has already reached more than 2.5 billion consumers in Asia, demonstrating how pistachios grown in the American West enhance any cuisine’s flavor and nutritional profile.  A beloved Californian and citizen of the world, we are honored to have him represent our product and our hard-working growers,” said Haiying Zhang, Director, Asian Markets for American Pistachio Growers.  

As a global brand Ambassador, Yan will impart knowledge and culinary skills that enhance and expand American pistachios usage to consumers and culinary professionals around the world. He will lead cooking demonstrations, participate in media events, and engage with consumers on social media platforms around the globe.


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Sunday, February 19, 2023

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