U.S. International Trade Commission Renders Affirmative Determination in Five-Year (Sunset) Review of Antidumping Duty Order Against U.S. Imports of Raw In-Shell Pistachios from Iran

FRESNO, CA – June 2, 2017 The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) determined today, by a unanimous vote of 5 to 0, that revoking the U.S. antidumping duty order on imports of raw in-shell pistachios from Iran would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury to the U.S. pistachio industry within a reasonably foreseeable time. Therefore, the U.S. antidumping duty order on imports of raw in-shell pistachios from Iran will therefore remain in place.

United States International Trade CommissionThe antidumping duty order was first imposed by the United States in 1986 as the result of a successful petition filed by U.S. pistachio growers and processors. The order, which imposes special import duties of 241.14 percent on U.S. imports of Iranian pistachios, has been instrumental in allowing the U.S. industry to thrive since that time.

Dumping is the practice of selling goods in export markets for prices that are lower than in the producer's home market or below the cost of production. International law provides for antidumping duties to remedy such behavior when it threatens or causes material injury to producers in the export market. Orders imposing such duties must be reviewed periodically to determine whether they continue to be justified.

Generally, such "sunset" reviews are conducted every five years, but under U.S. law, the time during which imports are prohibited by a trade embargo are not counted. This was the second "sunset" review of the pistachio order against Iran since 1986.

The reasoning behind today's decision will not be known until June 25, when the USITC will release its full report.

American Pistachio Growers is pleased the Commissioners vote continues to maintain the existing tariffs on imported product. American Pistachio Growers Executive Director Richard Matoian stated, “We are pleased with this decision. We believe we had provided the necessary evidence the American pistachio industry would be harmed by imported products from Iran, and today the Commission, with its vote, has agreed with our position.”

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