Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies



24 cookies


1¼ cup American pistachios, shelled

1½ cup flour

1 cup sugar

125 g butter

1 egg

¾ cup Nougat

48 small, white chocolate drops

½ cup dark chocolate


Preheat oven to 350° F (320° F, convection oven).

Peel the American pistachios; finely grind with flour, sugar, butter and egg and knead all together until smooth. Wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 1 hour. Roll out the dough up to a thickness of ¼-inch; cut out round cookies to 4 inches, put the cookies on a lined; bake at 350° F (320° F. convection oven) 12-15 minutes, until they are golden brown. Leave cookies to cool on the wire rack.

Melt nougat in the top of a double boiler, spread half of the cookies with nougat and cover each with another cookie.

Also melt chocolate in a double boiler. Set on the top two small blobs of chocolate and a white chocolate drop as eye lens on it. Draw a pupil and eyebrows with the melted chocolate. Dry the cookies and serve them.

Preparation time: 65 minutes

Baking time: 12-15 minutes

Cooling time: 1 hour

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