Orange, Carrot, Ginger and American Pistachios


Orange, Carrot, Ginger and American Pistachios

Yield: 4 servings


320 g. carrots

160 g. orange juice

½ vanilla pod

40 g. finely chopped ginger

120 g. shelled American pistachios


Peel the ginger, finely chop and blanch in a little water for 20 seconds.

Peel the carrots and turn them. Cook them in unsalted boiling water for 5 minutes.

Drain the carrots.

Coarsely chop the shelled pistachios

In a frying pan, reduce the orange juice along with the vanilla pod until it reaches a syrupy consistency, then remove the vanilla pod and add the carrots and ginger.

Leave to simmer for a while.

Place the carrots on the plate, and sprinkle lightly with pistachios.

About 140 kcal per person


Nutritional comment of Dr. Nicola Sorrentino, Head of Columbus Clinic Diet

To eat healthy and colorful helps us to fight free radicals (harmful substances that daily attack our cells) and the aging process in general. The main feature of this dish is the orange color, rich in beta-carotene, pigment with antioxidant properties. Let’s not miss the vitamin C of the orange, the healthy unsaturated fats of pistachios and the many virtues of ginger. Orange is the color of rationality and wisdom.