Pistachio and Date Energy Bites





1 cup Dried cherries

8 ounces Dates

½ cup Local honey

½ cup Dried rolled oats

⅓ cup Dark chocolate chips

1 tablespoon Chia seeds

1 tablespoon Flax meal

1 tablespoon Vanilla bean paste or ½ tablespoon Vanilla extract

1 cup American pistachio kernels

Pinch of Kosher salt

¾ cup Finely ground American pistachios


Combine dates, honey, chia seeds, flax meal and salt in food processor and mix. Add small amount of honey if too thick. Remove and add to mixing bowl. Mix in pistachios, cherries, oats and dark chocolate chips. Use desired portion scoop or portion by hand. Roll bites in finely ground pistachios, coating the whole bite. ¾ ounce portion scoop works best. Store in fridge.

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