Pistachio Berry Vineyard Pears

Yield: 4 servings


4 Fresh Bartlett or Bosc pears

2 cups Cabernet Sauvignon or other full-bodied red wine

¾ cup Sugar

Zest of 1 orange (colored part of peel)

4-inch piece Vanilla bean

1 cup Fresh or thawed frozen unsweetened raspberries or blackberries

¼ cup Natural American pistachios, chopped

4 large Mint leaves or sprigs


Pare pears, leaving stems; core from bottom.  Place in saucepan, add approximately 2-inches water; cover pan and bring to boil.  Simmer 10 minutes or until tender but not mushy.  Drain and cool.  For sauce, combine Cabernet, sugar, orange zest and vanilla bean in wide saucepan.  Bring to boil uncovered.  Boil about 15 minutes, evaporating sauce until reduced to approximately 1 cup.  Discard orange zest and vanilla bean.  Add berries and cook 1 minute; cool.  To serve, roll pears in pistachios to coat.  Spoon sauce into shallow dessert bowls.  Stand pears in sauce.  Put mint leaves onto pear stems.