Pistachios Kourabiedes




170 pieces @ 1.75 oz / 50 





Baker's %

Yield %


Butter, unsalted

2722 g

6 lbs

75.01 %

31.75 %


Sugar, powdered

1247 g

2 lbs 12 oz

34.36 %

14.55 %


American Pistachios

907 g

2 lbs

24.99 %

10.58 %


Vanilla, extract

10 ml

2 tsp

0.28 %

0.12 %


Baking powder

57 g

2 oz

1.57 %

0.66 %


Pastry flour

3629 g

8 lbs

100.00 %

42.34 %




as needed

Sugar, powdered


for dusting


8572 g

18 lbs 14 oz

236.21 %




Combine the butter (room temperature), sugar and vanilla and cream on second speed with a paddle attachment until light and fluffy. Sift the pastry flour with the baking powder. Add the pastry flour, baking powder as well as the pistachios and mix on first speed until fully incorporated. Shape into 1.75 oz/ 50 g round cookies and place on a parchment paper lined sheet pan. Press a “thump print” into each cookie. Bake at 375ºF until lightly brown, +- 12 – 15 minutes. Remove from oven and spray lightly with rosewater. Cool completely before dusting generously with powdered sugar. Cookies can be stacked and additional powdered sugar should be used for each layer of cookies.

Kourabiedes are traditional Greek shortbread cookies coated with powdered sugar. This is one of the two kinds of confection that are traditionally consumed in large quantities in Greece during the holiday season (the other is melomacarona), but they are made for all festive occasions. As a quick lesson in Greek, “kourabiedes” (pronounced “kou-ra-bi-ETH-es”, is the plural of the word “kourabies” (kou-ra-bi-ES). Round “thumb print” cookies and crescent shapes are commonly known.

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