Whole Grain Spaghetti, Pecorino Cheese, Pepper & Pistachios

Whole Grain Spaghetti, Pecorino Cheese, Pepper and Pistachios



4 Servings


320 g. whole grain spaghetti

4 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

Fresh ground pepper (a pinch)

80 g. fresh grated pecorino cheese

100 g roasted salted American pistachios, roughly chopped


Stir-fry coarsely chopped pistachios with salt and no oil.

Cook in boiling water the whole wheat spaghetti. Recover a little cooking water and emulsify with the pecorino cheese and a pinch of ground pepper.

Drain the spaghetti, toss in the pan with the previously obtained sauce, oil and other pepper (all raw). Stir-fry spaghetti, then apply the sauce on the plate, sprinkle on top the pistachios and dust with pecorino.

About 425 kcal per person


Nutritional comment of Dr. Nicola Sorrentino, Head of Columbus Clinic Diet

No food is fattening, nor the pasta, it depends on the amount that we eat. Whole grain pasta is rich in fibers and provides fewer calories than others, in addition it slows down the absorption of fats and sugars. The pistachios and extra virgin olive oil intensifies the healthy effects. To make this recipe complete in nutrients, we find the cheese, rich in calcium.


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