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Pistachio-Filled Apple Gift


Pistachio-Filled Apple Gift

Giving a gift-wrapped apple is a popular Chinese Christmas tradition. Some say the tradition came about because the Chinese name for Christmas Eve (”Ping An Ye," the eve of safe and sound) sounds a lot like the name  for “apple” ("Ping An Guo," the fruit of safe and sound). And so, it is common to gift apple ornaments or wrap gifts in boxes and jars shaped like apples. In China, pistachios are regarded as the happy nut. A festive apple container filled with American pistachios is a gift filled with happiness and health.

South Korea

Pistachios and Tea Paired Perfectly for the Holidays

With their rich flavor and vibrant hues, pistachios pair perfectly with teas. Enjoy delicious American pistachios with a cup of hot tea for a warm, healthy holiday. Fill a box or jar with American pistachios and label it with thoughtful messages for a nutritiously warm and meaningful holiday gift.

Pistachios and Tea Paired Perfectly for the Holidays
Pistachio Dessert Box


Pistachio Dessert Box

With delectable undertones, which are reminiscent of pista barfi, this pistachio dessert’s flavors are enhanced by the richness and health benefits of American pistachios. Pistachios are viewed as a very precious gift in India, making this a beautiful, healthy and delicious gift for this holiday season!

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United Kingdom

Pistachio Cracker

Christmas Crackers, made with short cardboard tubes wrapped in colorful paper, are a traditional holiday favorite in the UK.

As tradition goes, there is normally a cracker next to each plate on the dinner table during the holidays. When the crackers are pulled – with a BANG – a gift falls out. What better gift than festive and delicious American pistachios?

Pistachio Cracker


Pistachio Cookie Tree

This American Pistachio Cookie Tree is a nutritious, yet delicious homemade cookie tree made from American pistachios. It is the perfect festive dessert to make with family at holiday gatherings.

Meringue, mouthwatering frosting, American pistachios and colorful chunks of cranberries. Gather the ingredients to create a holiday gift box so friends can create their own Christmas Pistachio Cookie Tree.

Step-by-step tips for making your own delicious tree

Pistachio Christmas Tree
Pistachio Neules and Pistachio Antioxidants Face Mask


Pistachio Neules

Neules are a traditional Spanish Christmas dessert that were first referenced when King Jaume I “El Conqueridor” (James I The Conqueror) served this dessert for Christmas in Catalonia in 1267 (XIII  Century). Fast forward to present day: Neules are enjoyed at almost every holiday celebration in Spain. This holiday season, enhance this traditional dessert by making it with delicious and nutritious American pistachios.

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Pistachio Antioxidant Face Mask

Give the gift of refreshed and nourished skin this holiday season with this simple, yet effective pistachio antioxidant face mask.

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